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Last Rose Of Summer

Last Rose of Summer

Last Rose of Summer is everyone’s story. A story that embraces anyone who ever lived in a neighborhood, or feared a bully or ever wanted to love. It is a story about the extraordinary richness of ordinary-seeming people.

On a journey to adulthood Carlos Jackson starts learning the art of living after he suddenly becomes smitten by Kamara, a young girl who visits her aunt next door. At a picnic, she places a single rose petal into Carlos’ hand and from this day on, roses follow Carlos through life until the last rose comes. Yet his enthrallment leads him into conflict with Blue Joe Davis, the neighborhood bully. And when he is left heartbroken by Kamara’s unexpected departure, Uncle Dan, an enigmatic old man from across the hall, comes to Carlos’ rescue. Unbeknownst to the neighborhood, Uncle Dan is the grandson of a Yoruba warrior and a master of Capoeira. Becoming the old man’s apprentice Carlos learns Capo-Kung, a martial arts hybrid reflecting art, beauty, harmony, patience, and integrity. Years later, Carlos and Kamara are reunited but Blue Joe also re-emerges bringing a new level of conflict.

Set largely in the historic 1960’s, the story moves with Carlos through the urban streets of Cleveland and the lives of its colorful neighborhood folks, to war-torn rice fields of Vietnam and even further to far flung regions of Timbuktu.

Sometimes you’ll be Carlos, sometimes, Kamara, and even Blue Joe perhaps. The story will surprise you. Its host of characters will delight you. It will sneak into your mind and heart. It will make you laugh and weep.

Soulfully told with spectacular clarity, Last Rose of Summer flows like music you love.American writer Muhyiddin Shakoor, in his fresh and electrically exciting novel, is inviting us to row our boats gently down the stream and see that life truly is a dream.

Last Rose of Summer

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Right now, I feel like I could be this flower. I guess... I mean... I’m really glad I met you, Carlos.” A single petal fell from the rose. She picked it up and gently pressed it into his hand.
“If you’s white you right. If you yellow, you mellow. If you brown, stick around. And if you black, you better git back.”
“Today somebody gave you a sho’nuff ass whuppin’. Tomorrow if the Lawd is willing and the creek don’t rise, you’ll give somebody what you got.”
For the first time, he held an infinitesimal glimpse of the humiliation endured by African captives. As the weight of the collars bore down on their necks - the heavy chains intermittently clinking, Carlos and the other youth labored silently, and moved deeper into the night.
“May the bonds of love between our hearts always glow inside us like the coals on the fire. May our circle always remain strong and intact, may our circle remain unbroken.”
The means of understanding others is a paradox that is only ever fully resolved, by understanding oneself. This is the wisdom of the Ancient Elders.”
“Every shut eye ain’t sleep and every goodbye ain’t gone.”
“All in due time Junior, like I told you befo’. All in due time.”

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