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Yardıma Koşuyoruz – We Run To Help (İngilizce)

Yardıma Koşuyoruz – We Run To Help (İngilizce)

“What is the best way to behave and how can we teach our children to behave that way?” This series answers that question! Here we explain how to obey the Prophet Muhammad’s teaching in our daily lives. Our main characters have a “Hadith Box” in their house.

Each book in this series is about a certain Hadith picked from that box. All the members of the family try to obey this Hadith throughout the story. Children will identify with the characters making it more easy and fun for them to learn and practice all of the Hadiths in their own lives.

Hadith to learn in this book “Allah loves those who run to help those in need”. -The Noble Hadith

Yardıma Koşuyoruz – We Run To Help (İngilizce)

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